Inspired by Chic's album, Enamoure's new "Risqué" collection tells the story of each and every one of us: The story of a woman who is unsure of herself, her choices, and her worth. Clings onto someone, abandons herself until she sinks into darkness..

"Now you got yours what about me? I gave my love don't you see?"

Yet it doesn't take her much to realize that controlling her destiny is within her power: Perhaps the kindling begins at a proud display of a sensually curved or elegant bag emphasizing her femininity? Whatever the trigger’s form, she realizes she does not need anything but herself to be happy, strong and powerful. That happiness comes in abundance to those who are proud and self-loving above all!

This is the goal of Enamoure: To give power back to beautiful and strong women. Because your qualities come from, and are created by you. 

Live them. Believe in yourself!